Get Started with Inbound Marketing the Right Way

For countless companies across the globe, inbound marketing planning and campaign launches have helped them elevate their brands and drive ROI and profits. But for most of these companies, the thought of initiating the inbound approach can be a daunting thought. Market One helps company’s small and large, regional and international, get their inbound marketing programs started the right way with our thorough inbound marketing analysis and planning process.

First, we conduct a detailed assessment of your past, current and future planned marketing efforts. This will include all print and digital efforts and look deep into the results of each of these activities. This can be PR and print ad campaigns, direct mail, digital campaigns, email and more.

We then assess such areas as your business and marketing goals, your overall marketing strategy, your competitive web position and do an advanced analysis of your site’s usability, structure, SEO and navigation ease.

Then, we take a deep dive into your business by interviewing employees, customers and prospective customers searching for insights as to their sentiment relative to your brand. The end deliverable is a detailed report outlining our recommendations for communicating effectively with your primary buyer personas.

The final step is the development of a detailed internet inbound marketing plan, complete with content marketing, SEO, demand generation and marketing automation recommendations and budgets.


Internet marketing assessment provides actionable insights and recommendations to improve your digital marketing performance
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