Leverage The Power Of Multi-Channel Marketing

Today’s hybrid marketers are embracing the power of multi-channel marketing. Gone are the day’s brand storytellers can succeed messaging in one or two mediums alone. Market One has the experience and the tools to launch your campaigns in the digital, print and call center channels to maximize your exposure.

In its truest sense, a contemporary definition of integrated marketing communications (IMC), is the creation of marketing strategies and campaigns that bring together multiple marketing channels (paid, electronic and print advertising, public relations, promotion, internet inbound marketing, content marketing, owned assets and social media), that are selected and then executed to suit the particular goals of the brand.

Your Market One team will design a multi-channel campaign tailored to meet the messaging requirements of each of your personas. Executing campaigns that are channel-audience specific, you gain the leverage you need to harness the power of the intrinsic strengths of each brand story. Our capabilities include:

• Internet inbound marketing
• Content marketing
• Marketing automation
• Email marketing
• Print promotions and branding
• Social media
• SEO and SEM
• Outbound call center – lead generation

Market One’s IMC philosophy delivers added benefits that include a singular brand voice and experience, cost efficiencies generated through creativity and production, and opportunities for added value and bonus. Embracing the power of multi-channel marketing will drive your brand, sales and profits.


Multichannel marketing optimizes results
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