Shorten Your Sales Cycle With Marketing Automation

Today’s executives expect more than a higher number of qualified leads from their marketing teams – they want a measurable return on their marketing investment. They want proof that marketing is making a real impact on revenue. The new face of marketing is focused on revenue generation.

Now, more than ever, marketers are required to implement strategies that have highly measurable ROIs, and directly contribute to increasing revenue.

Revenue campaigns executed with Market One’s marketing automation tools focus on following leads throughout the entire life-cycle. Sales leads are nurtured through behavior based automated emails, landing pages, quality content and call center offers and are tracked every step of the way from first inquiry to closed business. Marketing automation campaigns have set revenue goals and defined metrics, and each include a quality review to determine its overall effectiveness.

Just like sales, marketing now manages a predictable, reliable funnel with a plan that ultimately produces higher value leads and maximizes revenue. Marketing automation is the sales leads game changer.

Expectations have changed. The available tools have evolved. Now a new breed of marketer – the Revenue Marketer – is required to leverage this powerful technology to make a measurable and repeatable impact on revenue and marketing automation is the answer.

So if you’re looking for a “Revenue Marketing” partner… look to Market One.


Marketing automation streamlines lead generation and lead nurturing
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