Direct Marketing Lead Nurturing

Stay Top of Mind and Increase Sales with Direct Marketing Lead Nurturing

More and more, sophisticated marketers are using advanced direct marketing lead nurturing campaigns to convert prospects into customers. And in today’s tech savvy world, marketers are equipped with advanced tools to launch and sustain sophisticated lead nurturing campaigns.

Direct marketing lead nurturing begins when a company acquires a potential client’s contact information and can personalize frequent communication with him or her over a defined period of time. Direct marketing lead nurturing may consist of a series of emails, direct mail and call center touch points to announce updates to a product or service, changes in price and so on. Advanced direct marketing lead nurturing campaigns may involve educating the client on industry tips and trends, technology updates and may often include personalized pitches to encourage the client to buy sooner rather than later.

Using our experience with email marketing, call center lead generation and internet marketing, Market One will work with you to develop and deploy your direct marketing lead nurturing campaigns through our proven five step process. We will help you:

1. Define Your Target Market

Defining and segmenting your target audience will establish the basis of your direct marketing lead nurturing campaigns. This will enable us to match the message to the market.

2. Clearly Describe Their Persona

Every target audience is unique relative to roles, needs, anticipated behaviors, etc. We will establish each audience’s persona prior to creating your content map (offers).

3. Create Offers That Drive Value

Your messaging needs to resonate with each and every persona. We will work with you to establish a content map for each persona and measure its effectiveness during the life of each campaign.

4. Establish the Nurturing Sequence and Launch

Your business has a typical sales cycle, and so should your direct marketing lead nurturing campaigns. Typically, it’s a good idea to send 2 to 3 emails to your prospects in a direct marketing lead nurturing campaign. Try to space out your emails accordingly. For example, if your typical cycle runs 30 days, you may want to set up a campaign for emails to be sent out the 1st, 10th, and 20th days after a conversion. With direct marketing lead nurturing, patience is a virtue. It’s important to remember not to rush into the sale. Instead, let it take its natural course.

5. Measure Success and Make Refinements as Required

As your campaigns run, make sure to experiment with the offers you send, the subject lines, and the calls-to-actions found within the email. There’s always room to improve your campaign. Make sure you take advantage of testing and experimentation to better nurture your leads and make adjustments as required.

It’s important to note that email marketing alone cannot nurture needs in a personal way. We nurture with friendly, intelligent two-way phone conversations – not scripted calls or one-size-fits-all campaigns.


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